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What is the Prop Shop?

At The Magic Alley Prop Shop our team is made of dedicated individuals with years of creative experience, to make your vision a reality. Scroll down to learn more about us and what we do & visit our Gallery for examples of our work!

Butterfly helmets
Cactus Magic Creature
Desk Model
Magic Shelf
Magic Desk
Giant Spider Gun

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What do we do?

We specialise in all kinds of creative avenues from high end events, film and tv production and theatre shows, to small scale business ventures and marketing. We have specialists trained in sculpting, painting and fabrication to ensure our produce is of the highest standard and quality.

Model Making & Stop Motion Animation | Sculpting & Casting | Digital Design & Illustration | Creature Making & Design | Creative Commissions | Prop Making | Costume Making | Puppet Making | Exhibitions & Interactive Installations | Events & Marketing

We have a variety of experience, from public events to theatre show production and we are keen to undertake projects from all backgrounds. For examples of our work please feel free to explore our Gallery.

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